Honors Programs

You deserve a university that recognizes your talents and gives you the opportunity to enhance them. Participating in honors courses or programs provide outstanding preparation for careers and graduate school.

Binghamton University offers honors in nearly every major and a host of honor societies. We also have several exclusive honors programs that are by invite only.

First-year Research Immersion (FRI) Program

Binghamton's First-year Research Immersion (FRI) program offers academically talented, first-year students the opportunity to start building a lifelong career in the sciences.

For three semesters, students in FRI work alongside faculty who are tackling big-world issues – from developing clean energy to understanding climate change, to preventing Parkinson's disease. In the process, students build enriching professional relationships and set their course for college and career success.

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Binghamton University Scholars Program

A small number of incoming first-year students are invited each year to join the Binghamton University Scholars Program, which provides exceptional students with opportunities to be mentored by top-level administrators and faculty, showcase their work locally and nationally, and enjoy unique access to graduate assistantships and specialized internships. First-year Scholars live in the Scholars Learning Community in Broome Hall of Newing College, one of the newest residential communities at Binghamton. Additionally, Scholars are eligible for the Binghamton University Scholars Award — a one-time award of $3,500 to use during an education-abroad, internship or mentored research experience.

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The Source Project

Binghamton research opportunities aren’t limited to the hard sciences. The Source Project is for students interested in the liberal arts (humanities and social science). Students produce original research and learn how to communicate and disseminate the relevance of what they have found, adding another layer to the ongoing conversation of how to make our world better.

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PricewaterhouseCoopers Scholars

PwC Scholars is the honors program in Binghamton's business school and provides students with unparalleled leadership and networking experiences that prepare students to enter the business world as distinguished professionals.

A favorite is the annual international travel experience where scholars go abroad for 10 days to learn about a country's culture and business environment. Past trips have included Germany, South Africa, Italy and Japan. 

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Innovation Scholars 

The Innovation Scholars program is for students seeking to tackle challenging real-world problems and become leaders of innovation in the new economy. Using a hands-on, team-based approach, the program combines academics, experiential learning, networking and mentorship.

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Summer Scholars and Artists Fellowships

This program offers financial awards to students conducting special research, scholarship or creative activities during the summer. With guidance from faculty mentors, students have pursued topics such as integrative neuroscience and music, anxiety disorders and the impact of hydraulic fracturing.

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